Paddle To Save The Planet

Reducing our carbon footprint on this planet for each individual and business venture is one of the latest topics of discussion as carbon waste and environmental pollution is a very important topic to be discussed today. You might be doing a lot of changes in your household including a drastic reduction in the usage of polythene and plastic and recycling your waste.

However, one of the biggest ways we can reduce our carbon footprint on this planet would be by way of alternating fuel-less transport to fuel-based transport. On a daily basis almost all of us use different methods of transport like busses, cars, vans and subway which uses fuels and emit carbon gases to the environment, thus polluting the fresh air that we have to breathe.

Not only for longer distances, even to travel next door to the store, some people just hop-in on their cars and ride as they pass by high quality road bikes for sale along the way. The change has to start from within all of us, and not just one of us. It comes without secret that cycling or the usage of bicycles can significantly reduce each of our individual carbon foot prints in the world. Therefore, consider switching over to cycling for shorter and more manageable distances into bicycles.

Choose your cycle
If you are planning to make changes to your travel plan using cycles, make sure that you select a good bike with a personal touch to it, so that every time you see it you would feel like getting on to the bike. Also, along with your cycles, make sure your children gets kids bikes so that they too come along with you to go grocery shopping or to the park in the evening. When a good bicycle is selected then your travel plan would be much more fun and enjoyable. Know that you are doing this to save the planet and your motives are just great so don’t rush your moves as you might get fed up of the rides.

The impact of cycling for the planet
The moment you opt to using bicycles instead of fuel-based vehicles, you are reducing your carbon usage and the emissions that happen because of it. This means there would be lesser carbon dioxide and more oxygen in the planet. When there is more pure oxygen then the breathing air becomes pure and the human body will create carbon dioxide which will be absorbed by the trees and then more pure oxygen will be produced.

Even as the carbon gasses are produced, the trees are producing oxygen, but, however, due to the increased usage of vehicles over the trees that are present in the world today, the air that we breathe consist of more toxic gasses than pure oxygen. Therefore, the small change that you do to switch over to the bike can save a lot of lives and your own life as you are contributing to saving the planet from the toxic and carbon waste.